Wednesday, November 30, 2011

useful program


I went many places during the OA. The museum, Monet to Wahole, was the first place we went, but most of the recent works were hard to understand.
Egidae was the best place for me . I walked beside the sea listening the sound of the water passing through the pebbles. It was terrific.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


My Favorite Places

Can you see the rain? At the back of the picture, there were heavy rains, We drove through the rain. It was amazing ! and we met 10 Europeans who were travelling  from Spain to Beijing. It took 15days to arrive here in the middle of Mongol. The cars came from Spain and and some of them had world maps on the side..

I went to  Coffee Prince , in hongdaeup in Seoul last winter to meet my friends who live  there.
The coffee shop is very famous for the drama Coffee Prince. I met many Japaneses who took pictures everywhere in this shop. They looked very excited to visit there.  On the wall , there are sunflowers drawn by the main characters in the drama, which is impressive. I can also see the notes  beside the drawing written by visitors. The warmth of the drama  is still there.

During the travel in Mongol. I saw some funny scenes . Under the bridge there were lots of horses resting in the shade and on the dirt covered with their poo~

I went to Hokkaido to enjoy the snow festival and ski with my family. During the days we enjoyed skiing on fantastic powder. We can’t find snowy skiing grounds like that in Korea.  At night we walked the streets to see the sculpture made by snow. Behind us , there was  a  scale model of a famous  Moscow building. The snow sculpture artists came from many countries.

This is the picture of su-o-jae, a traditional style hotel in Gyungju.  I stayed there on my vacation with my friends from Seoul. In the middle of the picture over my head , I can see bamboos. I really like the sound of wind from the bamboos. On the right side, the room we slept in is surrounded with lots of books. The owner of this house is a guide of heritages in Gyungju. In front of the house, there is a  yard where children can ride  bicycles.